Shane Ann Ballejo

Beauty Queen Banker

Most of the women we know wants to be recognized their beauty and intelligence. To do this, they will compete in a beauty contest and whoever wins is hailed as a beauty queen. And that means that she is the most gorgeous and smart lady in that pageant.

And here we are, as a 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush, a former beauty queen with several titles under her belt is now being featured here. We are truly honored...

Shane Ann Ballejo

A 27 year old banker from Roxas City, Capiz, Shane Ann Ballejo is also a beach babe. During her free time or having long weekends, she loves staying at the beach with her boyfriend or with her friends. According to Shane the beach relaxes her and the sound of crashing waves takes all her stress from work and life.

Dora The Explorer X Jane
Her dream job was to be a flight attendant so that she can travel. She loves going to different places, exploring and learning new things, meeting new people and reconnecting to nature.

Beauty Queen Chef
During the weekend, Shane hangs out with her friends as they spend the night with some coffee, tea or beer. She loves long conversations up until dawn. She also spends her weekend working with her small business and she loves cooking Beef Caldereta.

Be Honest and True
However, a beauty queen that she is that need to be prim and proper, Shane is also human. She dislikes people that are fake and two faced. She wants people to be direct with her. With an "if you don't like me then tell me" attitude, she wards off these kinds of people for her mood and and everything she does get affected.

Sing It For The Crown
Shane also know how to sing. And as one of her talent, singing can be her edge when she won the pageants she joined. Below are the titles she won
  • Miss Summer Hot Bodz 2007 
  • Miss Tourism Capiz 2008 
  • Miss Intercampus 2008 
  • Miss Capiz State University 2008 
  • Mutya sang Sinadya sa Halarsn 1st Runner Up 2009 
  • Miss Capiz 2011
Shane Ann Ballejo should be proud of herself. She has a curvaceous body aside from light and smooth skin. Her smile is very addictive to look at and she can project around the camera without any issues. I'm sure her boyfriend is so very proud.

Thank you Shane Ann Ballejo for giving 9MM Blogzine to feature you as our #MajorCrush. You truly are a queen in heart and your soul. A 9MM Salute is for you!

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