Pamela Henson

Real Positive

With the things that happening in our society, its just so difficult to stay positive. Negative things just happens every time and everywhere.  The bad news in the TV and radio, the negative posts that you see in social medias and the negative energy that other people trying to throw at you.

But with our 9MM #Hottie, she stays positive and happy even though this happens everyday. To her, she keeps a positive attitude and being productive is her way to ward off those bad vibes.

Pamela Henson

Pamela describes herself as an "Island Girl" She loves to travel and explore the world. She wanted to discover different traditions and culture and connect with the ocean vibes across different beaches in the Philippines. 

This young mother is a casino streamer as her job and she makes it sure that her life as as simple and happy as  possible. Although she's in a relationship, Pamela wants her man to be true to himself, love her and her family unconditionally and accepts her whole while making her happy at the same time. 

Pamela hates those people who tries to meddle with her life. She just wants her life not to be complicated and annoy herself with these judgmental society we have.

But aside from being positive, Pamela is also a positive when looks and sexiness is concerned. Although a mother, she still possess that looks of a young woman that still waiting to bloom. With her photos in her social media account, she has this appeal that will take any men off their feet. fair complexion, black hair, nice smile and gorgeous body. That would be equal to Pamela Henson.

9MM Blogzine takes this opportunity to give thanks to Pamela Henson for giving us the chance to be our 9MM #Hottie. A 9MM Salute is for you.

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