Kissing 101

Making Out The Proper Way

Kissing is the oldest process to show your partner how affectionate and show how you love her. From smacking her in the lips, cheek or forehead up to the interlocking of tongues are the techniques that men and women go to before going to the deed. 

But Of course, we men need to be passionate about it. We are not porn stars that we should stick the tongue out to her mouth and let her suck it. There should be a finesse in kissing women. And this article will help you score the home run when you these right.

By now, when kissing it means the lips and the mouth. If you are thinking for any other part of the women's body, we'll go there later. Let's start with the kissing the lips.

Start Slow
Kisses don't need to be rushed. A good gentle kiss to the lips of a woman would mean that you respect her. Don't be too hasty and flip that tongue out because girls don't like that. Start slow and pick up the pace building up tensions.

Breath Fresh
Don't kiss her after eating that garlic pepperoni pizza or just smoked a stash of cigarette. Just be presentable with your breath and take extra mints or mouthwash if you need to. Its a terrible mistake to kiss when your breath smells like the sewers.

Level It Up
When you feel that your partner is enjoying the kiss already, you can up the ante by passionately kissing her. Try to open your lips wider to let her taste you and vice versa. a little tongue will also help to heighten the mood.

Use Your Hands
Women loves to be handled by men. By this time, you should be caressing her cheeks and running your fingers through her hair gently. Also try to swoop your fingers on her ears and earlobes. It works to enhance the stimulation of your partner.

Take a break for a second or two. Gently plant kisses on her cheeks, chin, forehead and nose to let her catch her breath. Tilt your head a bit to also give her breathing space while lip-locking with her.

Nibble on her lip. Bite the lower  lip gently and pull it slowly then let go. You can also try nibbling her upper lip for stimulation. Try to be creative with your kisses so that it would unforgettable with your partner.

Clean Kisses
Some women prefer saliva dripping kisses. But generally, kisses should be neat and clean. Keep your saliva to yourself when kissing your lady. 

Make Sounds
Sometimes moaning and making smacking sounds while kissing is arousing. Some women prefer that their man would moan while kissing them because it is a sign that he enjoys kissing her. Let you partner know that you are enjoying the kiss you are doing together.

Its not bad to talk about the likes and dislikes of each other when kissing. Most of the times it allows improvement and later to satisfaction. Don't be shy to talk it over with your partner about how you would want each other to be kissed.

Kissing is the prelude of the much more broader activity that we would talk about here in 9MM Blogzine. Stay tuned.

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