Gram's Hottest Pelvics

Pre Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner and people cannot wait until its official. Beach babes cannot wait also to flaunt and strut their bodies with their skimpy bathing suits. For sure, men will drool over these Filipina women in the list who has the sexiest pelvic cleavages in the social media universe.

Check them out!

LJ Lee (@iljlee)

Rubilyn Guinto (@rblyngnt)

Panda (@pandorakaaki)

Katarina Rodriquez @katarinarodri

Kylie Verzosa (@kylieverzosa)

Kate Gonzales (@ikategonzales)

Mara Sheha Lee (@marashehalee)

Marie (@iamsweetmarie)

Apol Salangad (@apolsalangad)

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