Elaine Belarmino

Simple Princess

Princess is defined as the daughter of the King and the Queen. She can also be a princess if the King and the Queen had no daughters and their kin has. And in the world of cartoons, princesses has such beauty and elegance.

And usually, princesses should be treated as tender and delicate as possible. Because if she's not treated as such, the King will ban all the people that hurt the princess. And in our #MajorCrush edition, because she is the only female among her siblings, she admitted that she is a spoiled princess.

Elaine Belarmino

According to her she is a simple woman that you can bump with. And based on her social media, she really is. 

A mainstay in the events, commercial and print modelling, Elaine still has time to build a business of her own together with her best friend. She also appeared as the model of a mobile app that was featured in the oldest professional basketball league in Asia, the Philippine Basketball Association or PBA.

Elaine is already committed to her boyfriend for quite some time. At the age of 20, she is already preparing for her future. Business and relationship wise, so to speak.

Elaine is also understanding when it comes to a person's personality. She let herself know the person more before she can conclude their personality. Naive as they say, but every princess should have that kindness.

A singer at heart, though she admitted that she is not really that good but she knows how to sing.

A princess indeed. Elaine has the personality, the kindness, the determination and of course the serenity of beauty that any princess should have. She is almost like a living princess in the modern times of the internet and social media. We agree.

Keep focused on your dreams and plans and never stop believing in yourself. Snatch Blog is always in gratitude to have you featured here. Thank you so much Elaine Belarmino. You are truly a princess and 9MM Blogzine #MajorCrush.

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