Bea Perez Rubio

Voluptuous #Hottie

Beauty is really in the eye and perception of the beholder. Its true. Some men look for women who are petite and sexy. Some men prefer heart over mind. Looks against attitude. There are several contradicting preferences that men have about the female gender.

But with our featured 9MM Blogzine #Hottie, you will have a full hand on her. And there are men who prefer women like her. Here she is...

Bea Perez Rubio

Bea is a Quality Assurance Specialist in one of the Business Process Outsource company along C-5. And aside from that, she works as a mom to her daughter and dog. She admits that she has a pink birthmark on her right  thigh.

Bea's ideal man should be chinito, tall and fair complexioned. Must love her daughter more than her. He must also be a good provider because even though Bea is earning for herself, she doesn't want to adopt another mouth to feed. And lastly the man should be God fearing to sweep Bea's heart and body.   

When she's on her off days, she goes to the gym, watch live stream videos and play with her daughter. Bea said that working out is her way of releasing the bad vibes from her body. She also loves to sing, rap and dance. Bea also has hosting and impersonation talents that we cannot wait to hear and watch.

Bea hates pervert, filthy and self centered people. So if you think you possess those characteristics, its better to back off from her.

Bea also has this unique healthy beauty that she can only have. Having chinita eyes and her plus size body actually compliments and accentuate her hotness. As they say, chubby and plus size women are the new sexy. Why wouldn't it be the case for Bea? She has all the characteristics of the new sexy plus her appeal is overwhelmingly cute. Her smile is also one of the picturesque that we have seen. 

Bea Perez Rubio, 9MM Blogzine is honored to have you featured here on our blog. We know how heavy the burden is, you will always carry it with your voluptuous beauty. A 9MM Salute is for you!

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