Renzy Kate Rosario

Barely Legal

Women are legal when they turn eighteen.. It means that they can have boyfriends, be with the company they want and experience things that a teen cannot. But of course, we all know that is not always the case.

Young as she can be, but her potential to be a woman is already ripe and fruitful. A lady in the making, they say, but she is already a LADY. With 9MM Blogzine's blessings here she is...

Renzy Kate Rosario

Renzy hails from Pangasinan and at 20, she is already established her presence in social media. With some thousands of followers, we need to add more of it by telling more about her.

Still a student in Baguio, Renzy hails from the hometown of bangus and other sea foods. She loves to write poems and does painting as well. Sometimes she does photo editing and photography when she is not busy. An optimistic person and would make all things possible even in darkest times.

Renzy wants to be comforted and she wanted to feel secured. She doesn't want to be taken for granted because she does all things that her man wants.

"I want a man who doesn't let me feel I'm in a competition with others. A man who is matured enough and accepts me for who I am."

Aside from these traits, Renzy has the potential to be hotter than hot. With an almost "chinita face" and a blooming body, she would be a famous magazine model in no time. All the things that could be given by GOD, Renzy already has. It was like she was awake when GOD poured all beauty in the world.

Renzy Kate Rosario, 9MM Blogzine is so honored to feature you as one of its #MajorCrush. 

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