MJ Narvaez

Flexible #Hottie

Women are the mother of the world. And men like us should be respecting that. As it was said that what you give a woman she would make ten times.

And with our #Hottie for 9MM Blogzine, this situation cannot be truer than any thing else in the world. Juggling to be a mother to her kids and being HOT at the same time is never an easy thing. And she did all of that with less effort. That is "SKILL".

MJ Narvaez

MJ is from Marikina and strutting it and hustling it out as an online casino dealer. She has 2 kids and providing for them ever since. She also loves to dance, sing and act.

MJ's face is so familiar and why would it not be? She used to be a dancer in Banana Sundae. And she use to be casted in teleseryes like Lobo, Lovespell and Gagamboy to name a few. She also did some TV commercials under her belt for fast food and telecommunication companies.

If you look at her social media accounts, you will not be able to notice that she is already a mother of two. With flawless skin and the way she makes herself is entirely awesome. You will be mesmerized by her beauty and think that she is still very young.

Aside from that, MJ is stunningly awesome and has a very sexy body. Think of it? Two kids and still being hot?!? Do the math on this will you?
"Actually it's quite hard to perform your duties to your loved ones especially sa kids and stay fit at the same time. Plus the stress. But soon I will have more time for myself."
Aside from being a mother of two, she is also a flexible mom. She was a gymnast for ten years. And she dances, sing and act. A very talented woman that is just needed to be discovered. To think of it, she can do whatever a man can think of when it comes to positioning.

And if you try to please MJ, you have to be sweet and have sense of humor. Don't be insensitive and self-centered or she will ditch you right away. These are the things that need to do and don't to impress MJ Narvaez.

If you happen to have a good deal when you go to a casino, look for MJ Narvaez and surely you will have a fortune you are looking for. Its a jackpot that you will have with her. 9MM Blogzine is so honored to feature her as a #Hottie.

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