Kim Rivera


Women are just born flexible. They can be whatever they want to be and be good at it. They can do juggling tasks and chores that a man cannot do. Multi-taskers as they say because of the world dominated by men and they have to prove their prowess.

But with our featured #Hottie, she can easily do anything without exerting so much effort. So to make the short story short, I give you...

Kim Rivera

A twenty year old Caviteña student and model. She plans to go back to school but she is doing modelling as of the moment. A woman with, some say, "crazy" antics and attitude, she makes sure that her friends enjoy their moments with her. She is also an optimistic person and loves to live and be reciprocated back.

A mother to a cute daughter and in a relationship with a man that she considers a best friend whom she is so open and comfortable to be with. So sorry for the men that are eyeing her. She's committed.

Kim doesn't regard herself as very pretty nor hot. She is just an ordinary girl who loves to write and read books. But Snatch doesn't think so, that is why she is here being featured here because Kim Rivera is totally hot and gorgeous. She wouldn't be featured here if she was not, right?

So to all men, that are arrogant and fake, don't mess with this girl. She is very uptight with her likes and dislikes. One sign of the thing that she dislike and you are already out.

According to Kim Rivera, she is a self proclaimed good "twerker". We know she has the asset for it, but of course we want to see it in action to believe.

She is also, according to her, a LASTIK-WOMAN. A female that can save seats for her friends because of her long limbs. We will take that as a challenge once we meet her personally.

If you check her photos, its like you are browsing a men's magazine. We ogled and almost had our saliva touched the floor because of her such intense photos. Her pretty face and hot bod compliments every inch of her persona. Very rare for a young lady like Kim Rivera. Damn!

But, it was an honor and pleasure to feature such a nice and beautiful young lady like Kim Rivera in our blog. 9MM Blogzine salutes you and hopefully we will be able to meet you personally.

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