Joey "Pepe' Smith

In Memoriam

Pinoy Rock has lost another icon from its roster. The man who continued the legacy and fought for the Filipino rock scene to be recognized and be heard up until his death.

Joey "Pepe" Smith
1947 - 2019

Pepe Smith was a Filipino singer-songwriter, guitarist and drummer of the well known Juan Dela Cruz Band. They formed the band and later became one of the first artists of Filipino Rock music. He died after suffering his third stroke in 2017 with the first leading to his speech impdement.

Pepe owned the composition of the most classic song of the band, "Ang Himig Natin" in a ladies restroom while waiting for their turn to perform.

Although Pepe was so notorious in drinking alcohol, puffing smokes and some drugs in between, his will and perseverance to preserve the Pinoy Rock scene was absolute. His performance on stage was exceptional. Although his speech is not that good like in the old days, the fans sang with him.

Pepe Smith was the epitome of Pinoy Rock. And if we only have "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame" just like in the U.S., there will be no doubt that Pepe Smith would be headlining it.

A 9MM Salute to you, Pepe Smith! We are forever in gratitude for your contributions to Pinoy Rock and the Filipino people. We will try to keep the music alive here while you bring your music to heaven. Rest In Peace.

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