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Marriage is really a sacred thing. It cannot be prevented or withdrawn when the lovers are really into it and they want to rest of their lives together. There is nothing that we can do about it.

As a man, you really look for a wife material. someone that would fulfill the desires that a man want. Beautiful, sexy, and good in everything. That is the perfect lady men would want. And we have this one of a kind wife that most men would want to, Unfortunately, she is already taken...

Jen Ting

A wife and a mother, but still looking like a hot woman that cannot be questioned if she had both. You cannot really tell, literally, that Jen is already a mother and a wife to a very lucky husband.

According to her, she is a both of an extrovert and an introvert person. She cannot really  tell which one is really her but one thing we know is she is a #Hottie. And we don't really care about the first part.

Jen loves to read people's character. When you meet her, Jen will be reading you like a book based on your conversations. And wanting to be psychiatrist, she might be in a good direction. Its just that life has its way of playing. She lost her dad while she was still young and made decisions based on the necessities of the situation at hand.

Nevertheless, Jen made it strong and battled life. And as she was doing it, she made it more sexier and more hot. Even that she battling life's battle, she is curved to be more sexier and prettier than ever.
"Pinaka ayaw ko sa tao is SINUNGALING (Liar). Kahit ikakasama ko ng loob ko gusto ko sasabihin mo sa akin lahat. Ayaw ko ng may naglilihim sa akin. Kasi ako, super duper honest ako."
So for mommy Jen, 9MM Blogzine is more than glad for to be featured here. And for you to make this possible. 

To all fighting moms, go on with the fight and you might be more likely to be #Hottie Jen Ting.

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