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In Memoriam

It seems that whenever the year ends or at the start of every year, the Grim Reaper seems to be falling behind schedule and collects souls as fast as it can. Its like it is rushing its work and get the souls of those who already fulfilled their lives.

This article will be about famous persons who already went to their other side. These people had, in one way or another influenced me and touched the lives of others as well. Usually, the tribute articles that I write are per person per page. But I will do it in one bulk.

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
1955 - 2018

Anvil was the other half of the "Hart Foundation" together with Bret Hart. They were unstoppable during their days in WWE. When Bret went on solo, Anvil went on to several wrestling associations while going back to WWE occassionally. He fell and died at his home while adjusting the thermostat. As kids, we mimic Anvil and Bret because they were the protagonists at that time. we would wrestle inside our home or outside the house. Those were the days.

Richard "The Old Man" Harrison
1941 2018

Known as The Old Man in the reality television show Pawn Stars together with his son, Rick, his grandson, Big Haas and Chumlee. I always laugh at his grumpy attitude towards Chumlee but he was an expert in his business as he taught Rick on how to run the family business The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawnshop located in Las Vegas. The Old Man was suffering with Parkinsons disease for a long time and eventually died at age 77. I learned so much from their show about history, family and how to haggle with the Pawn Stars.

Vinnie Paul
1964 - 2018

Born as Vincent Paul Abbott and brother to the late guitarist Dimebag Darell, was the drummer for the famous power metal band, Pantera. When the band went on their separate ways, he played drums with bands Hellyeah and Damage Plan. He died from a dilated cardiomyopathy and coronary artery disease. Vinnie Paul's drum style was incomparable. He bash the sticks to the drums as if there was no tomorrow. I dreamt of being a drummer once and Vinnie Paul was one of my favorite drummers.

Rico J. Puno
1953 - 2018

Rico J. Puno was hailed as the Total Performer. He pioneered in promoting OPM in the Philippines. Rico got his degree but still pursued his passion for singing and performing. A multi-talented man where up the day of his death, he served his constituents as a city councilor in Makati. I remember him as the singer of "Macho Gwapito", a comedian and composer. He died of heart failure and left the Filipinos a legacy of a true artist with his music, shows and comedic acts.

Brian Velasco
1977 - 2019

Replacing Miguel Ortigas as the drummer for a rock band Razorback, Brian handled the drum chores for the band since 1996. He was a drum instructor in a local guitar shop when he auditioned for the role. Razorback guitarist Tirso Ripoll regarded him as a "nice guy". Brian Velasco committed suicide by jumping off from the ledge of a high rise condominium in Malate Manila. I loved the band and their music. And its sad to learn that his depression took its toll.

Rest In Peace my fellow brothers in human race. I was moved and influenced by your contributions to the human race. Entertaining, making music, writing lyrics and most of all you all lived your life. 9MM Blogzine salutes all of you.

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