Cindy Cabaluna

Cebuana Beauty

Filipinas are one of the planet's most beautiful women hail. They are scattered all over the archipelago and they are still humble to admit that they are awesome. Most of the gorgeous Filipinas are in the Metro strutting and hustling their way that one day they will become famous.

But there are Filipinas, especially and particularly in Cebu that has extraordinary beauty. And for our initial offering of 9MM Blogzine's #MajorCrush, we will feature a Cebuana that struts her way in the Visayas region. Here she is...

Cindy Cabaluna

Graduated and a legit educator for high school students, Cindy is a very industrious and caring young lady. She aspires to earn and have her two siblings finish their studies as well as making a good future for her family.

Aside having an almost perfect body, Cindy also has one of the pleasant faces that I have ever seen.

Her picturesque smile will easily hypnotize men in an instant. She has that glow that she can only have because of her good personality.

She manages her own online business aside from strutting in her modelling career. Of course with a face, a nice smile and adding up the flawless skin and sexy body of Cindy, who would refuse a woman like her.

Cindy also loves to travel, sketching and managing her online business. She also wishes to pursue whatever she wants to do with her life that would make her happy and fulfilled.

Thanks to Cindy Cabaluna for letting us feature her as one of the 9MMph Girls and this page is for you.

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