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Girls has many traits that they want to have with their man. When they are asked what they look for an ideal man, they will commonly say that they want their man to have sense of humor. True. A man without a sense of humor is a dull person to be with.

Us, men, we also look for women that has sense of humor. A chick that will take our quirks and fun moments with. I will be contented if my girl has that trait.

With this article, 9MM Blogzine will feature a woman that has lots of sense of humor. And that's what we liked about her. So here she is...

Ashley Rivera

Better known as Petra Mahalimuyak in the internet world. She made people laugh at her videos doing some funny tutorials on YouTube. She was also signed as a contract star for GMA Artist Center and made a regular for Bubble Gang together with #9MMGirls Denise Barbacena and Kim Domingo.

Its good to see and watch a sexy comedienne. Ashley has the sweetest smile and a sexy body. Her breasts are just exactly perfect for her body. No need for her to make some augmentations.

Ashley's butt is also perfect for her. Another #9MMGirl that has bumpers that are not augmented to show off.

But the thing that made her sexiness is her sense of humor. If I am his boyfriend, I would be thankful because there would be no dull moment with us. I can initiate the humor but she can do it also. So, Ashley Rivera also known as Petra Mahalimuyak, this page is for you and your sexiness and humor. 9MM Blogzine salutes you!

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