Kat Agarrado

Soulful Amidst The Sexiness

I am a fan of music. Every kind of music that I can emerge myself into. Like Frank Sinatra (which I am listening to as of this writing), his singing is very impressive. Even though it was out of my time. I always hear and listened to his music while my Father is playing it during Sundays. So I appreciate Frankie's music just like Karen Carpenter's did to me. 

But with this article, I will be paying homage to the modern day soul queen. And mind you, she's a Filipina. Her band was the answer to my OPM millenial struggle to hear something new. As you all know what ate our music industry is the covers of the millenials of the old songs just to be famous.

Anyway, enough of that, in this article, I will feature not just a great vocalist, but soothes with sex appeal and sexiness on her own... 

Kat Agarrado

Kat Agarrado has been in the music scene she's 17. She has been the vocalist of bands like Kindred Garden and Passage and does occasionally work with the Wally Gonzales of the infamous band Juan Dela Cruz band. She later on had her own band Sino Sikat? which gives her freedom in her vocal expression. 

I really like her vocals on stage and on records but what I really like most is physical attributes. Kat has this expressive eyes that would melt you in an instant. Her expressive body movements is like she wants to make love to her. Her vocals and performance just keeps on getting men turned on.

Her body is also good. Not that perfect but just perfect for the songs she sings.

But the best thing that make her sexy is her music. How she delivers the songs she sings. Its very orgasmic, so to speak. Its like you are making love to your beloved and the pleasure is very climactic.

For Kat Agarrado, you did a good job on turning us on with your songs and with your hotness. Hopefully, we can make meet you (of course with no malicious intent). We just find you sexy and we want to share it with the rest of the world and universe. hopefully with this, with a 9MM Salute and page involved, you can grant the wishes of your fans.


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