Fernando Poe Jr.

Tribute To The King

There are so many actors that I featured here that has made a big impact to my life. And this is an overdue on my part.

Although I already featured different stars in different genres, like Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon and Dolphy in comedy. While Eddie Garcia, is the one that has all. They all stand out in their chosen field.

But for this article, I'll be hailing and pay homage to a "King".

Fernando Poe Jr.
1939 - 2004

An all-around artist. FPJ can be a Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, Actor, Stuntman and any role that you can imagine. He proved that he knows the craft.

On screen, he was the hero. He helped the oppressed, he is humble and low profile.. A typical Filipino and I'm sure a lot of us want that character.

Another thing that influenced me about FPJ is that he is that so down to earth. He knows how to deal even the smallest of people. He doesn't want to treat himself different from any other.

The Filipino people loves FPJ. He is their hero. I consider him my hero. On or off screen, FPJ  was the king. 

And that's what I'm looking for from the pool of actors now. They lack (or at least influencing) the appeal that FPJ had or of the best actors of the past.

I know that Fernando Poe Jr. is already happy with his place. Because he already did good things in his life. A big salute to you, my King, FPJ! All hail the King!


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