The Wuds

A Pinoy Punk Tribute

When others hear of punk, they think of people that are a disgrace to the community. They are the ones who create chaos and anarchy to the entire place. Punks are equals to criminals or outlaws.

But for me, punks just want to express themselves. Their creativity and expression just doesn't conform with the norm. It is different with what is common. That is also true in punk music.

Punk bands like the Sex Pistols are a true testament on this. Their songs are rebellion and anarchy and yet enjoyable

But Filipinos have their own way of defining punk music And one of the great Pinoy punk bands emerge and outstanding from the already punk connotation.

The Wuds

One of the greatest punk bands I heard. Their songs has been always for the good of every Filipino.They did not go with the darkside of punk. They are more mellow but still have the angst of telling their audience what is going on.

Just like one of my favorite track "At Nakalimutan Ang Diyos" (Forget About God). This instills that many of us want fame and money. And when we have it, we're still not satisfied.

The Wuds had made their mark in the Pinoy music scene. At least they have a cult following them underground. I salute you for making songs about our beloved country for its countrymen to be, at least, patriotic.

I salute The Wuds for their contribution to the Pinoy music scene.


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