Denise Barbacena

Bubbly And Sexy

I haven't featured one of my favorite gag show of all time -- Bubble Gang. Over the years, I ogled to the show's sexy comediennes and I was satisfied in every episode.

I already featured some hot comediennes like Kim Domingo, Ara Mina and Sam Pinto among others who all appeared in the said show. They are all funny and pretty in delivering their punchlines.

For this article, I will feature another hot comedienne of Bubble Gang. Here she is...

Denise Barbacena

Denise is a Filipina actress and singer. She was best known for her collaboration with Gloc-9 in "Hari Ng Tondo" which is the official song to the movie "Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story". She also being seen regularly in the longest running gag show -- Bubble Gang.

What I like about Denise are eyes and mouth. Her expressive eyes melts the audience whenever she fronts the camera. Her lips are so luscious and you could not resist if she wanted to kiss you. Of course, who would not notice her figure. She boasts a body that can be compared to soda bottle. 

Denise's personality glows whenever she role play the character needed from her. Maybe in person when I meet her, it wouldn't be that far from what I said.

So for Denise Barbacena, you deserve a page in 9MM Blogzine because of your bubbly character and your sense of humor. Of course, aside for astonishing physical features and talent, thank you! 9MM Salute!


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