Isabel Granada

In Memoriam

Since childhood, I have been looking for nice looking women. Even girls that are the same age as mine, I still adore their beauty up to this day.

And ever since I laid my eyes to this girl, she never left my memory... here she is...

Isabel Granada
1976 - 2017

She is one of the product of Kuya Germs' That's Entertainment talents. And from the moment I saw Isabel Granada, something exploded in me. I was in love for the first time.

Her beauty is like a doll. Its timeless and can't really fade away. Her most distinct marks are her doll like eyes and eyebrows. Her naturally curly hair makes her almost like Barbie.

When Isabel Granada got matured,  she chose to share more of her, especially her body. She shared it to the world, with some movies that did not really make it to the box office. But made men out of boys like me.

Although she cannot compete with the younger women now but still she has this appeal that only an Isabel Granada has. So, I give this page to my first love... Isabel Granada. Rest in peace.


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