A Movie Tribute

There are a lot of movies that brings fond memories. Those laughter and awe that brings us together with our kids brings back the children in us.

We want to fly, have memorable adventures and most especially, have fun. Lots of it.

And from those movies, I want to pay homage to one of the things that brought my childhood back...


Starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman as Captain James Hook.

Its actually the story of Peter Pan. He decided to grow up and have kids. And since he is a grown up and experiencing the stressful and busy life of men, he totally forgot his roots of being a child.

It was really a nice movie. It has all the elements of a movie. Action, drama, comedy and all aspects of a film. One of the things I love about it is going back to being a child. There are no boundaries if you are in Never land. You can have your adventure and eat what you want. You can fly and basically do anything a kid would want.

Robin Williams had made the Peter Pan character a whole new perspective in this movie. He made a parent the enemy but became good one after realizing that he is actually Peter Pan. I love the scenes where he was able to learn to trash talk, imagine and fly again.

But of course, there are still villains to spoil the fun. And Hook has done ir in this movie. Hoffman had played the character justifiably.

Overall, Hook is a great movie for all ages and generation. A must see for all people. I salute the cast and crew of this movie and most especially the producer Disney, because they never fail to entertain both kids and adult alike.


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Hook Hook Reviewed by Stone-Cold Angel on 9:00 AM Rating: 5
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