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As I have told before, I like comedians. I'm really trying to be a comedian to my friends and colleagues but sometimes I fail to be one. Sometimes my jokes are corny.

And another comedian is to be given a tribute in this article. He was once a sidekick to the comedy king Dolphy. Here he is...

Pablo "Babalu" Sarmiento
1942 - 1998

Babalu's screen name was referenced because has long chin and was ridicule for himself. He died on August 28 1998.

Bablu is one exceptional comedian. He delivers his punchlines really on time. One of my favorite expression of him is "Nang aano ka eh!" When translated in English "You're doing something to me that I don't know!". I use it everyday whenever I am being offended but I don't take it seriously.

He was at his prime when "Oki Doki Dok" was aired for several years. I promptly watched every episode of it because his unique humor was really funny.

All comedians don't have that good looks, Babalu made it as if a physical attribute. Being a comedian is really hard. I don't see a (Philippine) actor that gets recognized because of his humor and not his looks.

So to Babalu, I give my 9MM salute because you brought people (including me) tons of laughs from your movies and TV shows. Even though I think your movies are not worth my money.

But when I watched it over at cable channels, I regret it. Thank you so much for the laughter!


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