Ara Mina

Sexy Plus Sized

I missed those sexy actresses that were rampant in my exploring years. And films that featured the talents of some mediocre actresses were exploited through baring their heavenly bodies for men to patronize. I miss those years.

And those films were called Tittilating Films where some of our 9MM Girls and Hot Moms were starred on those roles. Actresses like Amanda PageDiana Zubiri and Ina Raymundo are among them. All of which are our 9MM Hot Moms.

I'd like to feature another actress that made my fantasies fulfilling...

Ara Mina

Also known as Hazel Klenk, is the half sister of our 9MM Hot Mom Cristine Reyes.

Ara Mina possesses an angelic face closely resembling her half sister. Her stare would give a man a heart attack if they cannot handle it. Surely, she's an angel.

Her body, is as perfect as you can imagine. Even if other men prefer petite and sexy girls, I cannot deny that Ara is still sexy. Given the broad shoulders, healthy bumpers back and front, she can surpass them all.

Her performance in her films are also good. And of course when we say Ara Mina, the acting should not be mediocre because her movies tackles some issues of the public. Even though its sexual themed, Ara's performance is superb.

I don't really give a page to someone that give mediocre performances, but for me, Ara Mina is an exception. I don't say she's a mediocre actress but there are other actresses that can do better than her. I watched her in several movies (on cable TV) and she can deliver.

She deserves a page in my blog by fulfilling my fantasies and with her acting prowess. Still a Hot Mom after giving birth.


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