Chloe Dauden

Miss Universe Material

Not to be a sexist, but I have three categories when I look at women. The 9MM Girls that I featured here are based on those categories. Most of them had reached the high marks on each category.

But those categories are for my own. I will share it when the time is right.

But the again, I will feature another woman that should belong to the 9MM Girl pool...

Chloe Dauden

I have always liked the name "Chloe". For me, the owner of that name is exceptionally beautiful. And I thank the parents of Chloe Dauden to have that as a name. Because it lived up to my expectation.

Her face is really attractive. Her eyes are so expressive that men will be confused and then hypnotized. Her lips are so luscious and wanting to be kissed nicely.

And then we cannot deny her almost perfect bod. Chloe can attract men without her knowing it. She cannot pass by any men without being noticed... literally. With those fine long legs and curvaceous body, any men could not resist giving a cat call.

What I admired about her is that she has this charm, that even her photos is just so damn hot. I cannot pass a day without taking a look at her magnificent body.

A very lucky man would be able to woo her. She is almost like an angel and believe me, I would forget that I'm a family man when Chloe Dauden makes out with me.


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