Julia Barretto

Barely Legal

One requirement when you want to enter showbiz at a young age is that you have a family of actresses. Aside from that you should have initial talent and confidence within yourself. Other requirements can be learned.

Philippine showbiz is really a venue of beauty and talent.

But our 9MM Girl has been lucky to have all of the above. I waited for years to feature her and now she will open the New Year with a bang...

Julia Barretto

Julia is the daughter of actress Marjorie Barretto and comedian Dennis Padilla. She is also the neice of our 9MM Hot Moms Gretchen and Claudine Barretto.

When Julia was still in her teen days, I already noticed her beauty and developing body. When she turned to a lady, I was awed when she showcased her body even in casuals. Her body can really surpass her aunt Gretchen in her hey days.

Julia's face resembles a goddess. She is so perfect in every angle. Her pretty smile and picturesque face can melt even the coldest of hearts. Her long black hair reminds me of the old Filipina beauty.

Let's not forget her acting prowess. She slowly improves her craft and one day she will even surpass the versatility of her aunt Claudine. I was astounded when she plays as an antagonist/protagonist in a soap opera.

So let's include Julia Barretto as one of our 9MM Girls. She's sexy, elegant, pretty and most of all talented.


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