Ana Capri

Where The Hell Is She?!?

There are quite a few of 9MM Girls that are going out of my radar. I know quite a few that they got married or something. Like Iwa Moto, who joined our list of  9MM Hot Moms.

For now, I don't care about them. I'm looking for another potential Hot Mom. One that we hadn't seen from the limelight. So here she is...

Ana Capri

Ana Capri has one of the best eyes that I saw on public television. Even she started as a starlet. I don't consider her as a bold star. I mean, there are people who categorize artists but for me she is one extra ordinary girl.

Ana Capri has the right body and face that would really swipe off any newcomers. And aside from the talent she was able to hone over the years, she can be one of those people that can follow Cherry Pie Picahe's footsteps. She is totally versatile.

She has these eyes that can express whatever she desires. Her body is also ripe and firm for any roles you want her. Her body is not that bad for men, like me, to fantasize.

So, don't underestimate Ana Capri. She is one big package. In other words, she can be a big star in no time and at the same time, she can be one of those desirable by men. She is just truly one of those that I can say... "irresistable!"


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