Alan Rickman

In Memoriam

I have been a fan of the Harry Potter series both book and movie alike. Although there are some inequalities from book and film, I appreciate the work of both. Some people that don't agree, I keep my opinion to myself.

But for this post, I wanted to pay tribute to the greatest actor to portray the character of Severus Snape. And, of course, you know who I'm talking about if you are a Harry Potter movie fan...

Alan Rickman
1946 - 2016

Alan Rickman did multiple things to get to Hollywood. He did multiple characters to be known who he is today. Despise him in the early Harry Potter movies because he is boring and black character.

But I liked him in the Dogma movie, wherein he plays as the angel Metatron. An angel to have God's voice because His voice will literally burst our heads out. He made every character a justified character.

So to Sir Alan Rickman (even though he is not anointed yet) rest in peace to you. You already contributed too much. Its enough. You are gonna be remembered. Always.


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