It has been a while that I last heard of grunge music. Since I’m using Happy, my not-so-old-but-reliable laptop, it’s inconvenient for me to plug in my back up drive where my collection is stored. I have 500Gb 3.5 Hardisk by the way.

So when I had the chance to gather the songs I wanted to put on a memory card, I immediately went to my grunge music folder and piled it up with all the said genre. And as I listened to them, it was heaven.

Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana and Pearl Jam are among the popular bands in that music style and I listened to their songs in euphoria. But a song form another band slipped in the playlist and it immediately carried me to another level of frenzy. Another Seattle based band that must have been the influence of the band’s above…


Formed originally by Chris Cornell (vocals and drums), Hiro Yamamoto (bass) and Kim Thayil (guitars). But later on was joined Ben Shepherd replacing Yamamoto and then Chris gave the drumming chores to Matt Cameron. They released six albums and won two Grammy Awards for their songs “Spoonman” and “Black Hole Sun” which are included in their Superunknown album.

When grunge music started to hit the Philippines, only a few knew about them. And if it wasn’t from my friend that lent me a copy of the album Superunknown, I will be unable to meet and enjoy Soundgarden’s music prowess.

Chris Cornell, one of my all-time favorite musician, is excellent in creating that distinct music that the band plays. And his voice can change in a low monotone to a high pitched scream with a split of a second. While Thayil applies the guitar riffs just right for the band’s already heavy music. Shepherd and Cameron provides sustainable bass and drum lines that are steady and strong.

Soundgarden is one of the greatest band that walked the earth. And this page is dedicated to them. 9MM-Zine salutes Soundgarden for sharing their music to the world.


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