Kim Domingo

New Fantasy

Have you ever seen an angel? What if you do? These are the questions that I asked myself when I saw our 9MM Girl. And she often show up in my feeds almost regularly.

Very few has been lucky enough to be popular coming from a car show modelling career and because of her appeal, she made her way through showbiz...

Kim Domingo

Kim started her career in modelling in car shows. She was featured in an MTV of the song "Huli Ka Balbon" by Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitana. She then became a regular on the television particularly on a gag show Bubble Gang. Kim also starred in a movie opposite Vhong Navarro in "Mang Kepwng Returns".

Kim Domingo's assets are very drool worthy. Her pretty and smooth face and skin really nice to look at while her complexion is oozing with complete whiteness, just like our 9MM Girls Charee Pineda and Francine Prieto.

Her bumpers are too nice too look at. I cannot really focus on her face when her healthy bosoms are temptingly trying to get out. Her towering height as well as her toned legs are completing her package. A very nice package.

Kim doesn't really all an object of fantasy. She bought her mother a nice house for them to live. Out of the modelling and being an actress later, She shows us that she is the perfect girl for a nice man. From rags to riches, Kim Domingo is truly our 9MM Girl.


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