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In Memoriam

This is already a very late post. Nonetheless, it needs to be given a page in my blog.

The show must go on.

That's what usually the words uttered by this person that I'm gong to pay tribute to. Philippine showbiz lost one of its true supporters. One of the pillars of developing talents and people.

This is a page dedicated to...

German "Kuya Germs" Moreno
1933 - 2016

As I recall, he started as a janitor then worked his way on top. And as Kuya Germs works his way, he did not forgot the people left at the bottom. He helped them to work themselves up.

And up to his death, he still went on to develop talents that were eager to enter Philippine showbiz. He even don't think about money anymore. That's how noble his intentions and dedication to the industry.

Kuya Germs also initiated the Celebrity Walk of Fame in Eastwood City. Even though we look like copycats from Hollywood, at least this is a good project to recognize celebrities.

I remember Kuya Germs as one of the initiators of That's Entertainment where talents eventually became superstars. GMA Supershow is a Sunday show that showcases variety and talents. And then the phrase "Walang Tulugan" (No Sleeping) every Saturday night was very Kuya Germs.

So to the Master Showman, German Moreno, you can rest in peace. You already done your part in making Philippine showbiz interesting. We can take it from here. A 9MM Salute is deserving to be given to you.


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