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I'm trying to watch new movies so that I can refresh and renew my creativity and imagination. Unfotunately, I don't have time for it. Its lack of support is the reason I haven't watched any new movies.

But thank GOD, I'm still me and with this article, I want to share my ideas about some movies that I find exceptional.

Just like this article, I want to impart to those people in the future that there are movies that are good and worthy of their time.

Gangs Of New York

Directed by Martin Scorcese and starred by Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz with special participation of Liam Neeson as Priest Vallon. A 2002 film released by Miramax Films and nominated as Best Picture in the Oscars.

Leonardo DiCaprio nailed this one. He was the epitome of the chosen one to bring down something big. A streetsmart that made a name for himself. He thwarted a big guy in this movie in revenge.

Daniel Day-Lewis is also exceptional as his character "The Butcher". He was the big boss that instill lessons to his subordinates. Although a bad boy in the movie, Butcher was still able to fight up against the politicians that used them up for the earlier gains.

Cameron Diaz was also good in this movie. She made Amsterdam's (Leonardo DiCaprio) life interesting. She used her charm to get what she wants and eventually the man that would satisfy her dream.

Overall, Martin Scorcese made a brilliant movie. Without the actors, staff and his direction, it would be a flop. Even though it did not win the Academy for this film, for me its already a winner. It was made as an epic movie.

Gangs Of New York is one of those that you want to see several times. Like me, I watched it several times but I don't have double thoughts on seeing it again and again. This movie is so epic that you will forget seeing movie for some time.

So to all the staff, actors, producers and cast of this movie, 9MM-Zine salutes you all.


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