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As you all know, we have moved south and lived with my in-laws to save up some money. Although we kinda got what we intended to meet but its different living on our own.

I have to admit, its a bad decision for us.

But looking on the brighter side of things, there are some good things that made us forget the issues we're having. One of those things is my entry for today.

Eton's Place

Located along Dona Soledad Ave. in Bgy. Don Bosco in Paranaque City, this posh place caters to good sizzling dishes and drinks that satisfies the hungry bellies we have.


  • Food - My personal favorite is the Sisig Ala Eton and their burger steak (which is my wife's favorite). I'm sure the others are worth it also.
  • Staff - Even the owner is serving and taking orders from customers. What a customer service!
  • Timing - Food and drinks arrives and served in timely manner. Also requests from the staff is quick.
  • Ambiance - Soft lighting, light painted walls, elegant chairs and tables. The recognizable decors are the pictures of 2005 Binibing Pilipinas International, Precious Lara Quigaman.
  • Space - Too small. Although they don't have any choice to improve on this one, still the place needs more space to accommodate more customers.
  • Location - Although along a major road, Eton's Place is hard to be noticed. Maybe if its in a mall or in a spacious place, they may be well known or famous.

My cousin introduced us to this place and she was right about it. Its a good dining place and the staffs are very warm and friendly. A small and cozy place that would cater to our food cravings.

I hope I will be granted an interview with Precious Lara Quigaman.

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Eton's Place
Rating - Very Good


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