Amanda Page

Small But Terrible

Titillating films are rampant in the 90s. Those films that has the equation sexy starlet plus hunk plus nudity plus a poor story equals a movie. Nonetheless, it was men like me that made those movie at least earn hefts of money.

Although Michelle Aldana jumped into this trend, her movie was superbly done. The same goes to our featured 9MM Hot Mom...

Amanda Page

Amanda Page has her distinct beauty. Her interlocked and curly hair gave it definition of extra body. Her eyes are very expressive and top it with a nice smile that melts men's heart, including me.

Although not given the height, but her body is tightly proportioned. Her breasts are truly superb and to top it, she has one of the nicest breasts in showbiz. Her skin complexion and smoothness is one of the natural given. Belo hadn't existed at those times. So Amanda Page is one of a natural beauty.

She has this natural humor when she does some tagalog words. She was to imitate the late Theresa Carlson, and she did not fail to do it.

So, obviously I loved Amanda Page. She has now her own family and a lucky husband. Even though she's a 9MM Hot Mom, she's forever will be in my heart.


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