Pia Wurtzbach

Universal Beauty

It has been part of the Filipino culture to admire women all over the world. And we always support our own whenever there is a pageant going on.

Filipinas were recognized to be beautiful when Miss Gloria Diaz bagged the crown for the first time as Miss Universe in 1969. And then Miss Margie Moran took it in 1973. There were no doubts that Filipina beauty is world class. Even Universe class.

And to add to the list of the most beautiful Filipinas that proved the world that she is worth the crown, let me present to you the third Filipina Miss Universe...

Pia Wurtzbach

A Filipina German actress. Pia tried three times to win the Binibining Pilipinas-Universe. She then bagged the crown of Miss Universe after a controversial announcement. She also showcased her talent as an actress in several TV and films including Aryana, Sa Piling Mo and All My Life among others.

She tried three times to get the Binibining Pilipinas Universe title so that she can bag the crown for the Filipinos in 2016. That's sheer determination and hard work.

But aside from the attitude, Pia exhibits sophisticated beauty and persona. Her lovely face contains a pair of eyes that can smize. Smize is a conjoined word for "Smile With Your Eyes", which Tyra Banks said on her tweet. She also have a stunning smile that mesmerizes everyone.

Apart from the facials, Pia also has a body to die for. Her bumpers, both front and back, are well costumed fit to her towering height. Her figure is almost perfect and oozes with appeal. Any man cannot deny that she is almost perfect.

So with the physical attributes are done, Her kindness and smartness is undeniably true.

There is no denying that Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina that is confidently beautiful with a heart.


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