Yam Concepcion

Indie Starlet

There are only a few left that are sexy enough to have talent. I mean, there are a lot of starlets that has the beauty but has no talent in acting, or vice versa. Almost all are packaged in full.

Just like our featured 9MM Girl, she started from scratch and now she's one of the most versatile and hot actresses in Philippine TV and films. She is...

Yam Concepcion

I personally like her face. With those taunting eyes and killer smile that melts everything except our manhood. With these physical assets, she already is yummy.

But when I saw one of the calendars she modeled on, she was exceptionally nice. Her hot body was not to be denied. She can flaunt it anytime. With baby fats and all...

I would love to grab and squeeze those fats and there is no offense meant on those fats. I think its absolutely sexy. Yam Concepcion  could be titled as "malaman na sexy".

So I'm giving this page to her as a hail to her prettiness and sexiness. Hopefully I can see and meet her. Until then, This is my salute to her hotness.


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