The Youth

Pinoy Grunge Rock

What makes a Pinoy rock band marketable? Music that can bang their head with and lyrics with humor. These are true to some bands like Parokya Ni Edgar and Grin Department with the late brother, Bong Pascasio.

Another band has these elements that made them successful. A band that I enjoyed listening to...

The Youth

The Youth is composed of Dodong Cruz on guitars and vocals, Robert Javier on bass and Erap Carasco on drums. They released their debut album commercially entitled "Album Na Walang Pamagat" and sold thousands of copies.

When I first heard their album, I know that they got talent. Their songwriting are superb. Maybe because of years that their songs hasn't been heard of the people. It made the people craving for more music than playing in some gigs.

I love almost all of their songs from the first album including the following:
  • Mukha Ka Nang Pera
  • Anak Ka Ng Ina Mo
  • Supernova Scum
  • and the most popular one Multong Bakla
I never thought that their success will fade after these great songs. I'm not sure what happened. But from what I heard that their still playing together but now, not embracing the corporate world of music.

Hopefully we can still hear "The Youth" from different gigs and concerts. Hopefully they can release albums that would make the Filipinos loving OPM once again.

For this article, a salute for them for one of the contributors of Pinoy music.


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