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People who loves music loves evolution. I mean, they want some changes and enjoy some other kind of music. Like what Metallica did, they changed their music style for some reason, and they remain one of the top thrash metal bands.

Unlike Slayer, they still possess what they did in the past. Still good 'ol thrash music we enjoy about them. I satill like them with their old school approach.

But listeners, like me, wants to hear some other music. Something new. And that's how our featured band is different from the rest...


Composed of Phil Anselmo on vocals, Dimebag Darrell on guitars, Rex Brown on bass and Vinnie Paul on drums. Pantera released five studio albums including "Cowboys From Hell", "Vulgar Display of Power" and "Far Beyond Driven" among others.

When my classmate lent me his cassette copy of "Vulgar Display Of Power", I was an instantly a fan. Their music is different from the ones I usually listen. Its totally different. Maybe its with the gadgets they use or its with how they record it. But I don't care how they did it, it was pleasure to bang my head to their music.

Anselmo's vocals and lyrics, although harsh, but it definitely give angst to the song. Its politically and self inclined but it pierced right through the heart of its listeners. I know, it broke through my soul.

And with the supporting casts like Dimebag's guitar prowess. His guitar riffs and solos are so unique and defined their music. I was struck with buying what Dimebag is using including guitar, effects and merchandise just to be like him. 

The supporting casts like Rex and Vinnie Paul are doing excellent jobs. Vinnie Paul has exceptional drumbeats that when you hear double bass drum beats, you know its him playing. Rex is just as steady as any bass player.

Pantera can be lined up as one of the Big Four in thrash metal. I suggest to have it Big Five as Pantera is the most elite metal bands out there. This article is a salute to the band that made me who I am today.


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