Ryza Cenon

Ripe At The Right Time

Whenever a fruit is being picked from the tree, we don't know if its ripe or not. But there are certain fruits that are ripe even from afar. And we all know that.

There are also women, like fruits, are ripe and soft. I already featured a number of ripe women here in 9MM-zine. Like Angel Locsin, before she was ripe I knew she was the best fruit from all the rest. Christine Reyes is also one of them.

Our featured 9MM Girl, has been over ripe. But the timing is perfect and she's still hot...

Ryza Cenon

Ryza has this distinct and seductive look that captures men's attention. It mesmerizes them (including me) and make them her followers. Those tantalizing eyes are scorching hot!

She is also sexy in her own way. Her body flaunts a different appeal to everyone especially to men who crave for fresh meat. Those curves and add those baby fats that make men like me drool a swimming pool. Its a natural behavior of men.

With those expressive eyes, Ryza Cenon could be one of the Philippines' sexiest. We just need to get more exposure and let men fantasize more of her. She could be a star among men even though she doesn't know it.

So to Miss Ryza Cenon, don't make us men drool. Show us more and truly you'll be adorned by men.


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