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As I've said several times, I love to laugh. And I envy people who has this timing and sense of humor wherein they can make any situation into comedy scene. I'm still working on that.

However, this article is to pay tribute to one of the hilarious comedian that went back to Our Creator. Yes, another comedian was taken from us and our days are again one less laugh. This article is my tribute to...

Ricardo "Richie D' Horsie" Reyes
1957 - 2015

Ricardo Reyes in real life, he was popularly known as one of the sidekicks of Tito, Vic and Joey. He was exemplary in the eighties sitcom "Iskul Bukol". He also starred in different movies of Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon as one of their sidekicks.

But as many thought that he will be successful and famous, he brought himself to his own destruction. He involved himself with drugs and alcohol which made him serve some time in jail. He was just got bailed when the comedy trio made the movie "Iskul Bukol The Reunion"

After that, he was almost in and out of the hospital because of several diseases. Richie D' Horsie died of several complications due to diabetes, kidney failure and brain stroke on April 18, 2015.

Richie was distinct of his mustache and for having a horse face (they said). I remembered him as a "do no good small time gangster" with his roles in the movies. He also delivers some jokes that are very funny and make me laugh my ass off.

Richie D' Horsie was also involved with the accusation of Vic and Joey of raping the bold star, Pepsi Paloma. They were acquitted though but there were rumors that Pepsi would not file a rape case against Vic and Joey but against Richie D' Horsie since he was the ugliest of the three that had a piece of her. She could not accept the fact that Richie raped her.

Anyway, I don't know what really happened, but I just want to pay homage to another comedian who passed away. Richie D' Horsie deserves a 9MM Salute for his contributions and making people laugh. And judgment is not mine to take.

Rest In Peace, Richie D' Horsie!


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