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One of the struggles of a band is to be recognized. You will need to endure countless efforts, money and time just to perfect the music you want to share.

And one of those people is the topic of this article. Him and his band had been around since the end of 80's decade and just been recognized when the Pinoy Rock boomed in the 90's. This is my tribute to the vocalist of the band Alamid...

Gary Ignacio
1966 - 2015

Gary is the lead vocalist of the band Alamid (formerly Athena's Curse) known for the songs "Hesus", "Sama Sama" and the popular "Your Love" among their hits.

He died of multiple organ failure from bone cancer on April 17 2015.

Gary's distinct voice gave Alamid its identity. He can reach high and low tones with a natural vibrato. He composed mostly of the bands lyrics and since love songs are easier to dig by audience, they were forced to do it even though the band is originally a new wave band.

I only liked the band's first album since this is the reason why they struggled during the 90's. And I was truly awed that a Gary Ignacio could do some singing chores with the same voice range as recorded and live. I was able to catch them live with Karl Roy and Advent Call, Eraserheads and another band that did not show up.

Anyway, with all that long curly hair and voice, he could have been the Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) of the Philippines. If the intelligent audience were also appreciative of such music, Alamid might have gotten an epic career..

I was open minded that time and I know they had the potential. They had their flaws but their still one of the bands that brought better music to Filipinos.

A 9MM salute to you Gary Ignacio! May you find peace and create more music wherever you are. You etched your name in the world of the living.


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