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I really don't want hype. I don't feature the previous girls because they are trending or making a hype on media (even in social media). I wait until I like them. And that's one of the criteria of being a 9MM Girl.

We all know, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera are the top Pinays that are voted as sexiest by a leading magazine. And also, its run by money. More money, more chances of winning.

But for me, I have my own judgment. I know sexiness from time to time. And I think our 9MM Girl for this article is ripe for this blog.

Solenn Heusaff

Solenn Heusaff is a VJ, actress, TV Host and model among others. She is mostly seen in TV commercials and shows especially in GMA. She also starred in several movies like "Temptation Island" and "Da Possessed" among others.

At first, I really don't like her. Yes, Solenn, is one of the hottest but she hadn't proved that she can be reached by men, like me. She's the sophistacated one like Georgina Wilson and Anne Curtis, where her circle of friends are one of the richest girls in the Metro.

But I was wrong. She went down to pose for an alcoholic drink calendar and made her as their endorser. Solenn was scorching hot on those calendars and photos. I like her but still, I know her kind. She still won't go down to ordinary men.

But Solenn went way more than I expected. She joined Pacman in his Weekly TV show and showed flexibility as a host. And as I watch her show her awesomeness, I fell and had a crush on her.

Although Solenn is already in my radar of 9MM Girl hotness meter,  I failed to look at her other attributes. She had this sex appeal kinda developing  from first sight. Those are the girls that I like.

It doesn't have to be on the first sight. It should develop. And that's what happen to me. I was awestruck.

When digged deeper, Solenn is really a hot treasure. I mean she is one true prize. With that great body and exceptional face and attitude, her man should be proud of her. He should know that they are lucky enough to have Solenn Heusaff as their better half. She is almost a goddess.


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