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I was a late bloomer when it comes to watching pornography. Usually it happens in the puberty age. But in my case, I first watched porn when I was in my senior high school year.

And then after that, my cravings went on. Call me a pervert or a maniac but for me, pornography is art. And this article will be my first for women of porn...

Shannon Michelle Wilsey
1970 - 1994

Born as Shannon Wilsey was a prominent adult film actress of her time. She glorified the adult film industry in her short career in 1990 - 1994. She was ranked number 19 in AVN's top 50 porn stars of all time.

She died in the hospital after a suicide attempt on July 11 1994.

I first encountered Savannah in the video film, The Vision. it was a rented VHS tape from a friend. My eyes were locked with the beauty and sexiness of this porn star. She has this baby voice and moans that got me attracted to her.

She has this pretty blonde hair along with a picturesque face. She also has this nice boobs and ass along with an almost perfect body that any man couldn't resist.

Although she rarely make dirty talks when making out her scenes, Savannah still manages to blurt out erotic moans and facial expressions that will definitely give any real men a hard on.

Unfortunately, we cannot glorify her glorious flesh because she already passed away. But Savannah definitely left the living in me, including me, a nice fantasy that could last a lifetime.

Is it necrophilia to still fantasize a person that you know is already dead? Just asking...


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