Kitchie Nadal

Raising A Note

Pinoy Rock has been dominantly owned by men. Mostly, the bands that I listen to are all men. So when a female gets into the scene, she's one badass girl.

Just like the bands I featured here. The Jerks, Wolfgang, and Mutiny are composed of men. While our featured musician came from a band with a female vocalist then she turned out as a solo artist...

Kitchie Nadal

Born as a Virgo and she made a name first with Mojofly. Her break came when she went solo and produced her own self titled album. Among her hits were "Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin", "Run" and "Bulong" among the hits she played originally. She was also awarded several awards including "Best Song" for Majika and "Best Independent Artist" among others.

She was married recently to Carlos Lopez.

I first heard her voice when she was still with the band Mojofly.

When Kitchie Nadal went solo, I loved her even more. She made her own songs that defined her. She composed her songs with great lyrics and melodies. I was a fan in no time when I heard her first solo self entitled album.

What makes Kitchie Nadal different from other musicians is that she doesn't go mainstream. Although her songs do, but she goes out and reach to her fans even if the security is at the worst. I attest to that because I attended her school concert at PUP and she was professional enough to finish it even though there was a mis-controlled crowd.

Professional, talented, pretty, sexy and others are pretty much some of the adjectives that describes Kitchie Nadal. A one true Pinay from in and out. Noted as one of our 9MM Girls.


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