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Hot Grandmother

In celebration of Women's month, I decided to write about women that are a part of our existence here in the cyber world. This blog has been created to give tribute to the greatest creation of God. Even though she was the cause of the original sin, it was all worth it.

I'll be starting with our grandmothers. Our lolas had experienced everything. As age comes, their hotness and appeal deteriorates. Of course, old age is the large factor contributing to it.

But I know a Grandma that doesn't even age. Her hotness and appeal is still there. She was once tagged as the MILF of the Philippines. But now with grandchildren and all, she's still hot...

Dina Bonnevie

Born as an Aquarius, Dina was one of the original "Regal Babies" because of the movie "Katorse". She lead the role together with Alfie Anido and Gabby Concepcion which paved the way for her acting prowess. She won several awards with the film "Magdusa Ka" as Best Actress on Famas and CMMA.

She was married several times including to one of our 9MM Men, Vic Sotto.

I still have a crush with Dina. When I first saw her on TV, she might have been the most beautiful mother around. And almost always, I listen to her voice with one of her hit singles "Bakit Ba Ganyan". She has this bedroom voice that is very distinctive. Seductive in some way.

So when I learned that I was able to close a sale with her(I didn't know it was her) over the phone, I wanted to call her back and hear her voice again.

Dina is undeniably the hottest grandmother around. She might have aged, but her appeal is still there. I featured her as one of the hottest mother of 9MM.

This page is for Dina Bonnevie as one of the hottest Grandma of 9MM. A true epitome of a Filipina Woman.


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