Alice Dixson

Ultra Hot Mom

Have you ever imagined if a fairy had fallen in love with a man like Enteng Kabisote? And then she's a fairy that has an exceptional beauty. And because she's one of the enchanted ones, their beauties lasts forever.

Just like our 9MM Hot Mom, her beauty is timeless and doesn't age. And from the looks of it, she is still flaunting her beauty to us mortals...

Alice Dixson

Born as a Leo. Alice is one of the bankable Filipina actresses around. She was also the Philippines representative for Miss Philippine International 1986. She was well known for her TV commercial of Palmolive Soap with a slogan "I can feel it!". She was also known as the fairy that fell in love with an earthling in "Okay Ka Fairy Ko". She has many credits under her belt that make her an outstanding actress.

Alice Dixson is one fine beauty. Her pretty face glows with radiance that, like fairies, enthralls men. Her eyes with lashes that goes a long way are very expressive. Her smile is undeniably mesmerizing.

When Alice Dixson played Dyesebel, men (I was still a young boy then), was able to take a glimpse of her glorious body. Although its still not expected as wearing a two piece bikini, but she was able to carry her sexiness with as more clothes on.

Alice Dixson then bloomed in full after being married and having kids. She grazed the cover of a men's magazine and 'lo and behold... her great body was uncovered. Even though she's a mother, she has the ability to, still, capture men's desires.

A true woman needs nothing to be appreciated. Everything will follow if you do the right thing. Just like Alice Dixson... she proved that even fairies and human beings can co exist and live in harmonious peace. 

So, love nature, elemental and humans alike. And love women, just like Alice Dixson and I'm sure you're not gonna go wrong. You are truly one 9MM Hot Mom!


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