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Many young ladies get pregnant. They were unable to foresee what lies ahead and what are the consequences of having a baby.

I can't blame them. When you're young and having sex, its pleasurable and they are in their trial and error stage of life. And if they're not careful, a lifetime of consequence awaits them.

But, for our featured 9MM Hot Mom, I don't care what age she's gonna be preggy. Mom or maiden, she's still hot!

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah has an angelic beauty but an appeal of a devil. Her eyes and looks can mesmerize the fiercest of men. Her body is also undeniably scorching. She can get what she wants from any man she choose.

And that's the case with Richard Gutierrez. Sarah made sure that he will be man enough to stand for her baby, Zion. Even if Anabelle Rama disapproves the relationship, she can't do anything about it.

I have a crush on Sarah Lahbati ever since I saw her on TV. I enjoyed watching her on Startalk in between segments and while they are delivering "Da Who". So whether she's a mom or not, she's still hot for me..

So to Richard Gutierrez, be man enough and be a father and a husband. Sarah Lahbati is already a good catch. I don't know what you're looking for but she's definitely the "one".


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