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There are only a few Filipino actors that can really act. I mean, let's face it , there are not a single actor now that can really act compared to those actors before. They just rely on their pretty faces and sculptured body to attract fans.

Take Eddie Garcia for starters. He is the epitome of a flexible actor. He can act any character you ask him to do.

Dolphy, Vic Sotto and Joey De Leon have their own genre... comedy. They can act clowns to make people laugh and forget about their problems.

But yet another good actor has returned to our Creator. This article may be late but I want to pay respect to the legendary actor...

Mark Gil
1961 - 2014

Born as a Libran, Mark Gil is one of the veteran actors of Philippine showbiz. He did several movies, usually the villain role including "Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum" among others. He also did TV Series and "The Legal Wife" is the last one that he made.

Mark Gil died of cirrhosis of the liver on September 1, 2014. He was survived by hos six children including 9MM Hot Mom Andi Eigenmann.

I'm already hating Mark Gil when I saw his movies when I was a kid. I thought then that he/she that plays as a villain is a bad person in real life. He was the baddest villain you can imagine. He raped, kill, murder and even woo women.

But all of it changed when I watched "Batch 81". When I watched it, Mark Gil was my hero. He played the role so damn good that this movie won some awards like

It was just shocking that he died sooner. Mark Gil is one of those actors I give salute, And 9MM-zine is paying tribute to all his contribution to the film industry of the Philippines.

Rest in peace, Mark Gil and quoting a tagline from the movie Batch '81...

"Sa simula't katapusan ay kapatiran!" In english, "In the beginning and in the end, brotherhood!"


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