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There are a number of chinita girls I featured here in 9MM-zine. Most likely the question that I will get from you is... "Do I love chinitas?" and the most definitive answer is a big "YES!"

How do you tell if a female is chinita? They have this distinct eye feature that has an Asian look. A Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any race that has that anime look. You know what I'm talking about.

Let me count the chinitas I featured here... There's Ava Jane Jugueta, Iwa Moto and Ritz Azul among others.

But the one that I will feature is (what I think) the best chinita look ever. Here she is...

Heart Evangelista

I already had a crush on Heart when I first saw her on TV. Her elite but quirky character made her famous. With that killer smile and eyes that goes out whenever she smiles.

I was on the lookout for her hot photo shoots, but I was in vain. Luckily she posed several times for an alcoholic beverage calendar and different men and women magazines. My craving was, at least, satisfied.

I was not disappointed by the photos I dug. She was enveloping to a fine young lady. Heart did strut sexiness to her image. She was extremely hot on those calendars and magazines.

Heart Evengelista did not displeased me. She was my definition of "chinita" and she lived up to her image. For me she's the original and the first to be a certified "chinita beauty".


Credits to the original uploader/s of the picture/s shown on this post.

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