Toni Gonzaga

Petite But Sexy

There are quite a few of our 9MM Girls that got married.

There's Bianca Gonzalez which her husband not only married a sexy morena but also a smart one.

There is also our 9MM Girl who I have a long time crush... Heart Evangelista who will be marrying a senator. And another one, Marian Rivera will also tie the know with Dingdong Dantes.

So before all of our 9MM Girls get hitched, I want to pay homage to another girl that, for me, deserves to be a part of this blog. Anyway, I have, in one way or another crush on her...

Toni Gonzaga

Born as an Aquarian, Celestine or Toni Gonzaga made her way to showbiz with the epic soft-drinks commercial. She starred in different romantic movies such as "My Big Love", "My Only U" and "My Amnesia Girl" among others.

Toni Gonzaga, for me is the Meg Ryan of Philippine Cinemas. I mean, she can play the role perfectly, Whether its romantic, comedic or just plain doing it her style, she can wow the audience with her superb acting prowess.

But that's not all. She is alluring also. With that chinita look and nice smile, Toni can mesmerize most, if not all, men.

Although I'm not into petite girls, but still she's one of the exceptions. Her lack of meat, compliments her other traits.

Her killer look and smile will definitely give you chills. Aside from her "Barbie-like" legs that's already being praised, she has this appeal that Toni Gonzaga can give.

So Direk, doesn't know how much he is lucky. Toni Gonzaga is already the perfect wife. Just don't treat her as a doormat and you'll know what comes next after that.


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