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Actors should be versatile. They should be able to play and act any character that is asked from them. They should be a "Jack of all trades" and not just a master of their kingdom.

I admired local actors like Eddie Garcia and Dolphy who are so flexible to whatever roles they are assigned to. Although the latter was tagged as a comedian, he can still act and play different roles.

This article will give honor and tribute to one of the most versatile actor on Earth...

Robin Williams
1951 - 2014

An American actor who starred in different films like Dead Poet's Society, Jack, Flubber and Hook among others. He also voiced "The Genie" in the animated movie, Aladdin.

He was found dead in his home on August 11, 2014. Still not sure if its suicide but he was suffering and fighting depression for quite some time.

The first time I encountered Robin Williams is from the movie Hook. He made the Peter Pan a whole new character. He played the character so smoothly and ever since I am a follower of this actor.

He has this charisma and humor that a Robin Williams will only have.

Ever since then, I make it a point that I watch every movie he made. Robin made comedy a new perspective. Its just not comedy, its real entertainment.

He also imparts some key on how live life. And that's what I like most from him. The role he plays never fails to deliver lessons to audience. I have taken several things from his works and quotes and I have been using it until now.

Thank you Robin Williams!!! You are my hero.You gave laughter a whole new meaning. I hope to meet you in the afterlife. For now, rest in peace... my mentor.


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