The Breed

Hard Rock At Its Finest

I usually listen to bands that are un-mainstream. Meaning, that they didn't delve or jump in to the mainstream bandwagon. They're so much enjoyable to listen. Check out my tribute to The Jerks, where they did not go mainstream.

But, to be transparent to you, it is not their fault that they become mainstream. Some bands like Wolfgang, they are a good band and they had been pleasing fans worldwide. They're just too damn good not to be recognized by the mainstream.

But this band that will be given tribute was caught in the middle. They wanted to be popular but just a few bought it. I'm not sure if its their lack of "masa" points or they're a bad band.

I think not. For me, they're one of the best Filipino band there is...

The Breed

Composed of Charlie Ysmael on vocals, Manny Amador on guitars, Johnny Besa on bass and Benjie Santos on drums.

Hard pounding but yet with humble roots. There are less exposure for The Breed. Although Charlie Ysmael is one of the anchors of the late NU107, still they did not get that popularity that they deserve.

Manny Amador's guitar handling was even superb up until his death. He is one of the greatest guitarist of all time in the Philippines.

I was given the chance to listen to their album and my favorite tracks are "Black Mercedes Benz", "Apocalypse" and "Logan's Run" among others.

The Breed is the epitome of the Hard Rock genre in the Philippines. They are still active so whenever you encounter them, share those photos so that they'll still be recognized as one of the pioneers of Pinoy Rock.


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